Hello plant shop of your wildest greenest dreams. Never in my life have I seen so friends turn into such  cactus connaisseurs and green goddesses like nowadays. Perhaps they’re turning into hermits or maybe the big city life is making them long for greens all around the house and not just in  spirulina smoothies. DSC08887Amsterdam is a baby urban jungle. Only 5 minutes away from the city centre, you’ll find this plant utopia. Wildernis is a paradise where you can find all the little green babies you need to decorate your house.

The friendly girl at the shop will carefully explain you how to feed them and keep them alive. ‘Cause if you are turning into a plant parent, you gotta treat your kids right. It’s the perfect little pitstop for all the lovers of leaves, air plants and anything green. If you visit the shop with plant freaks, you might loose them for a couple of hours in this O2 oasis. Luckily they have a little coffee corner.

Bilderdijkstraat 165F
1053 KP Amsterdam

© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander

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