HEART BEATS – Trein Naar De Maan

An eighties-infused injection of purple hail and rough Dutch vocals: that’s Trein Naar De Maan by Stippenlift & Faberyayo in a raindrop. It resembles the Dollkraut sound which you would also be very fond of – if this track already makes you wet. On top of that, it has quite the aura of razor cold train rides at night, where you stare through evaporated windows, assuming you’re the protagonist of some edgy B movie, set in Berlin, when in reality you’re just travelling home to your crisp bed sheets and a head full of winter blues and hues of rose amour.

It’s like Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs Du Mal, which is mentioned in the lyrics too: the aesthetics of a very toxic eros situation, an orgy of conflicting feelings. This song has the perfect BPM to clear your mind and bring in some ratio, whilst bathing in an ever-soothing new wave sound in slow motion.  The synthesizers spark throughout the song and make you realise that even a bluesy trip contains a sort of catharsis at the end of your ride on a dazzling stream-of-consciousness.

If you don’t feel like pausing this song and are craving for more: check out their album Chaos in het Universum


© Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander