Tom Eerebout

Tom Eerebout – From studying photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp to working with Kylie Minogue. A guy who dared to change his life -going from gloom to glitter.

What was ‘the poetic moment’ when you decided to follow your dream?
There was not really a moment like you see in movies, where the character just has this magical idea all of a sudden. It was during a Kylie concert in Antwerp years ago, that I suddenly realised something, when hearing the song Flower. I heard it whilst going through a dark phase, suddenly acknowledging that I had to change something. So I quit school and moved to Amsterdam and later on.

You have been living in  London for years now, was it love at first sight?
Oh no. The first time I moved, I didn’t like it at all.  I had no idea what I was gonna do in London, but then got in touch with Anna Trevelyan who was looking for an assistant. Then I thought, why not. Who knows, maybe I’ll like styling. From that moment on, the ball went rolling and I ended up doing a dream job.

Did your life change a lot ever since?
Yes, I have a bigger house now, haha! And… I love London. You can get very spoiled here as soon as you are settled. However, it’s not always rosy. I still work long days and pay way too much rent, but in a way I can see the future positively. Quite a change, compared to my vision a few years ago.


You work in such a vibrant and inspiring environment, does it make you feel forever young?
Honestly, it  does not make me feel younger, quite the opposite sometimes. It looks like a dream job and it is amazing, but the lifestyle hard as hell sometimes. I am very grateful and happy with what I do, but it wears you out mentally and physically. The hours can be endless, hard and lonely. I have had some serious health issues over the years because I didn’t look after myself.

I often get surprised reactions when people hear my age. I don’t know if its because of what I have done or because of how I look, haha. They usually think I’m a lot older.

Any tips for succeeding in this heaven and hell lifestyle?
Well, you definitely have to be strong physically and mentally. And always look after yourself. If you don’t,  you’ll start slacking and it will surely affect your work and personal life.

What did you love most about your childhood?
My favorite thing to do, was just being careless and fantasize about different imaginary worlds. I used to be a shy kid, living in a surreal world, something I still do today.

What are the perks and fear of doing your job?
I am simply doing something I love, which is a dream come true. Some people will never have that. At the moment, I am on tour with Kylie and I have to take care of her quick changes during the show. Those moments are crucial, especially because her whole show is arranged perfectly in every detail -from costume to set. If I screw up on those moments, it would affect the work flow of the whole team – can’t let that happen.

So how does a typical day look like?
Being on tour has all kinds of routines included. You have to make sure every show is as spectacular as the previous one, so mostly you try to do it the same tasks. However, the experience is completely different every time. I am an impulsive person myself, so I hate routine. This job makes every day different, so I try to live day by day too.

©  David Sessions

Which colors and cities inspire you?
Some people often describe me as very ‘dark’. And I do get inspired by the occult, art, random things, writing, people I meet, anything. I also like facts, weird facts from history and science, love it.

Which movie inspires you aesthically?
Night of the hunter.

What is your favorite street in London?
I love Whitechapel because of its dark history. My favourite place to go and relax is Shadwell basin; a little oasis amidst the busy streets. I love to walk there with the dogs.

Modern loft or romantic old building?
Romantic old building

Do you feel like you are living your dream already, or do you have more?
I am living one of my dreams, that’s for sure. But, I think you should never settle. I might do this for the rest of my life or I might do something completely different. I am impulsive.

If I gave you a plane ticket right now; where would you go?

© Featured image by David Sessions