Tiffany Corsten & Kimberley Dhollander

Blend the talent of textile designer Tiffany Corsten and photographer Kimberley Dhollander and what you get is a slice of art better than dessert.

Publishing an interview is not a piece of cake though. The dreamers share a mutual love for print, textile and the sensitive. Yet, to specify in words where the inspiration and overflow of soft colors come from will remain a secret for now.

The mysterious shine colouring the textile prints of Tiffany does make you wonder. Like the origin of a rainbow: there is a scientific explanation, however the beauty is only unveiled as soon as you believe in the mythical aspect. That’s somehow a description of her work in terms of a fictional interview.

In terms of eye-candy, the patterns and shapes definitely remind  of a combination between contemporary art and soft-ice-cream. Pastels, unexplainable vibes, a dash of memories, happy contrasts and a very minimal frame or backdrop. Textile is functional but in this case it definitely goes beyond that.

Captured by the magic skills of Kimberley Dhollander, textile gets the status of a pure form of aesthetics and self-expression.

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