The Breakfast Club

Hola! Already dreaming of next weekend’s breakfast plans? Here’s a name you should write in your diary for the upcoming week and highlight in the pinkest of pink: The Breakfast Club.

There’s already several locations in Amsterdam where you can find this little utopia of mouthwatering brekkies, yet one of them is my absolute favourite. Namely, the very first breakfast baby at Bellamystraat 2 The whole place is decorated in the softest colour pallette with eye-catching little details, books and plants. Kinda reminds of a Polly Pocket house for adults and where even your most macho bae will get a soft spot for the cosy deco.

DSC08878Why I still love this place? Even when it’s absolutely packed and waiting outside with a takeaway coffee cup is the only way to get a seat? Well… there’s a few good reasons.

-They serve their almond milk lattes in baby pink emaille cups from de Emaillekoning.Even my eyes get satisfaction.

-They have watermelon juice that can cure the craziest hangover. (Promise!)

-I prefer salty over sweet, but hello they serve red velvet pancakes.

-If you do order pancakes over an acai bowl; you’ll get a pile like at the diners in American movies. Also very insta-proof.

-This location is right next to the Filmhallen; perfect for a post-brunch Sunday afternoon movie

Need more reasons to get convinced? No babycakes, just go for it next weekend! It’s a perefct place to get in some good vibes for cosy weekend celebrations. DSC08873DSC08874 DSC08882

© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander