The Amsterdam Diary – 1. Reunion

As some of you may know, I moved to Amsterdam this summer after falling in love in many ways. This website never really had a personal touch and instead of creating a small sub-blog about my personal adventures, I was thinking: why not add a dash of real life story to this ‘abstract online compass’.

So, let me guide you through some fragments of dreams and some stories I’d love to share. I know this is the world wide web. Thus whatever I publish, will probably never ever be fully erased or deleted. It’s gonna float in this online ‘air’  forever. I must admit that this was and still is the real reason why I kept this so abstract.  Now let’s spice this website up with a hint of personal notes and the truth that social media can hide so well.273be72545908ce1dc15b32b593c033bReunion with now

First of all, this online diary should become a source of inspiration to start living more in the now and not only showing the moonlight. And that is not as easy as you’d think. It’s probably the most difficult thing I could imagine. Now is time in it’s purest form, a moment filtered from all doubts and hesitations.

So far the happiest memories in my life happened when I did not overthink everything a million times. The best memories where the impulsive ones and some were specifically so adventurous because they happened at night:

・the festivals on the beach with glitters on my face
・buying a ticket to Paris at 4am in the morning, just because I felt like it
・meeting in front of a museum at midnight with a secret crush
・having coconut cocktails, going to a party in the park and ending up with bringing a christmas three home and eating pop tarts with sprinkles
・visiting some of my most amazing friends in London a few times a year
・sneaking into a backstage with the love and secretly entering in a sold-out Jamie xx and Four Tet dj-set
・living the teenage dream when I was not even 18 // being a groupie from a notorious rock band (girl pal, if you are reading this – remember I’ll never forget and never regret)

The list is endless and I’m even getting  nostalgic now. I’ll save up spicy and soft details for later. For now, I’m gonna do my very best to experience the moment in itself and follow my dreams. And even though these are some golden memories, all that glitters is not gold.

 ©Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander
 © ‘Now’ Picture by Maurice Vanes