The Amstedam Diary 3. – Into the wild

Another week, another diary. I’m merely gonna give you glimpses of it, as another diary is on it’s way very very soon! One thing is for sure: I ♡ the wild side every now and then. Read: booking a trip to Berlin at midnight (did it again), buying leopard print shoes + trousers, dancing till the morning sun, drinking tropical smoothies and dreaming about business plans.

© Picture by Kimberley Dhollander

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1. Five Elepant
Spotted at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and still hooked. I’m putting this Kenya-coffee-perfection-bar on my to-visit list. Yep, in a few weeks it’s time for Berlin! I very spontaneously booked a trip, while talking to my friend whom I haven’t seen in a year! I just thought: live in the now and do it wisely. After all, do I even need an excuse to go to Berlin? Just talking a walk on the wild side.

2. Detox for breakfast
Okay, there’s hardly a morning passing by without me having my daily dose of smoothie. However, sometimes my girly mind craves a green detox for breakfast (after indulging on a Thrill Grill veggie burger + truffle fries for example). The dose of green is just a like a chill pill that makes me believe I’ve got my intake health covered for the day. Add some tropical fruit to it and the flavour will be fully approved. Jungle juice fever for the win!

3. Must read
It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be is a motivational book I could read over and over again. Basically, the title also ended up being my life mantra since I was 18 and thus since I first got my hands on this book. For everyone with high ambitions and dreams covered in a coat of doubt and insecurities: this book will make you do it, I (would) promise (although Arden says: “don’t promise what you can’t deliver” and I can’t make you work it, you’ll have to do it yourself).

What I’ve learned? Just take the damn risks, girl. Time won’t wait for you.

4. Visit from home
My lovely mom came to visit me in Amsterdam.  We filled the sunny days with long walks, shopping trips and dinners. Besides that we did some mini photoshoots (yes my mom is that cool), had tropical drinks at Coffee & Coconuts, went to Noordermarkt and watched Eurovision Songfestival. Family quality time? Check ✔️

Confession:  I suddenly realised that all the fun in Amsterdam can’t take away that home feeling for Antwerp, every now and then. So, I decided to travel back on Monday and ended up spending 4 days in this hometown city. More details on the Antwerp adventure will follow in the next post!

See you soon for another diary!