Finally I could find strawberries on the market again! These Vitamin-C-packed babies are naturally sweet and so very nice  pure, mixed in a salad or topped on your raw cheesecake. I was accidentally trying out a new nut paste recipe and instead of having a major spoon I dipped a strawberries in it. And waw, this really was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! So here is the recipe for a very simple, cheap and cheerful creamy strawberry (or anything you like) dip!


– 4/5 pitted dates

– a dash of coconut milk

 – a handful of (preferably peeled) hazelnuts

– about 7 almonds


– first mix the hazelnuts and the almonds till you get a very crunchy mass

– add the pitted dates and mix again

– add a dash of water + a dash of coconut milk

-mix again for a few minutes (be patient!) till you see a creamy mass in your mixer

– spoon out the mass into a jar

– dip your strawberries in it and enjoy!