If you check my instagram or have breakfast with me, you’ll think I live of merely pink smoothie bowls. Even when I try to make something else, I somehow always end up with a big nourishing bowl or glass of pink paradise. Ok, I also like green smoothies and my homemade banana bread, but this is just my favorite brekky ever!

When I was a teen, all I wanted was high school parties, watching Mean Girls and treating myself to Ben & Jerry’s. Strawberry cheesecake was my absolute favorite, but luckily I got interested in nutrition a few years ago and created my very own delicious healthy ice-cream recipe now that will keep me happy and healthy from breakfast onwards! This is actually not a real recipe, but just a tip! as you don’t really have to cook but mix the ingredients in the right way.


– 1  banana

– 1 frozen banana

– 1  cup of frozen strawberries

– a dash of almond / any kind of nut milk

– some of your favorite superberries

– almond powder

– coconut powder

-coconut blossom sugar (if you have a real sweet tooth)


– Make a cup of nice cream by blending the bananas and strawberries

– Add a dash of nut milk

– Now mix up the almond and coconut powder together with the coconut blossom sugar

-Swirl it trough your nicecream

-Add some superberries like mulberries, cranberries and raisins

-Voilà! Enjoy your lovely bowl of homemade nicecream