Step by Step

It's always about timing.
 If it's too soon,
 no one understands.
 If it's too late,
 everyone's forgotten.

Citing Anna Wintour and applying it to the fundament of their newest store: Step by Step is about experiencing fashion in a whimsical setting. Don’t be too hasty, but don’t wait till it’s too late either. It’s applicable to fashion, but also life in general. Go get ’em tiger.jusBlushing pink, a lot of oak  and a magnificent tight design, that’s love at first sight. The cotton candy walls dress the space with a sensual feminine vibe, while the sales counter brings the right amount of coolness in the air.

With materials such as oak, steel and polyoxymethylene a natural balance between romance and ratio is complete. The boys from design studio Dialect, Pierric De Coster and Jonas Blondeel are responsible for this design eye-candy.

For those who love to meditate on their potential purchases and simply take a quick ujjayi breath break, while chilling on a Cees Braakman chair: there’s a patio with large steel window frames. A woman should not be trusted making decisions without keeping her head high and cool.ddddddddzsEDODODLDDDLStep by Step is a designer dream boutique in Antwerp. Here you can gather your couture du jour from a delicate yet edgy selection of Belgian and international brands, cherry-picked by Chantal Rochez and Julie Marynen. The real life treasure box contains pieces from the collections by Phillip Lim, Golden Goose Deluxe, Numero 21, Léo and Isabel Marant.

Find this playground for grown-up girls amidst Antwerp’s other hidden gems in the Steenhouwersvest. Their hip neighbors are Christian Wijnants, Magazyn, KID and Wouters & Hendrix. Oh and don’t forget to have a look at the Barbie dolls in the vitrine. After all, they can afford the MiuMiu dresses and Mulberry handbags, but aren’t scared of a vintage score and high-street brand combo.

Step by Step
Steenhouwersvest 20
2000 Antwerpen

© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander
© Featured image by Bart Kiggen