STAY Boutique

One of the streets in Antwerp I love most, is definitely Nationalestraat. It always captures a sense of vivid newness. Yet it is a street where young and classics blend  -from Hotel National to Kaffeenini. The few iconic stores in the beginning, like Dries van Noten and Renaissance top it off with a  classy allure. And right across those majestic buildings, you will find STAY boutique, a hidden pearl in this oasis of fashion.

It’s a boutique with gorgeous clothing, design stationary to spice up your home and little must haves for you and your hubby or bestie. At the back of the store, you will find a hidden lunch spot. They serve all kinds of homemade delights to snack on while taking a shopping break.

What I love about this place, is that all you want is stay. You get the feeling you are browsing through someone’s designer home. While they prepare your soy latte, you can easily go through the clothing dream collection with all kinds of designer brands.

Or, if you are missing work already, you can just have a look at their stationary items, cute giveaway cards and ‘I want it all’-type of home accessories. Yeah, all I could say is: STAY, I’d never wanna leave you.

STAY Boutique and Bar
Nationalestraat 49
2000 Antwerp

© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander