Sister Bean

As if you’re drinking coffee in a sea shell. North Mag photographer Kimberley Dhollander and her dearest Philippe Corthout once more managed to capture the smooth and pastel-colored interior of this dreamy place to be in Mechelen city. Hell yes.

Only a twenty minute train ride away from Antwerp and you’ll find yourself in a golden utopia where (almost) no laptops or beardy men with hip raincoats can be spotted. I don’t mind at all though.
This clean, rosy gold and cosy interior does make you wonder why they didn’t take this enlightening concept more central.

Yet, their healthy selection of toasts, homemade lemonade, #yuminthetum coffee and brunch make it worth visiting. So cheers to a new place in (a nearby) town!
Also, make sure you put all the HEARTBEATS on your train playlist. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the sweetest train ride.

DSC02162 DSC02167© Kimberley Dhollander

DSC02161DSC02843 DSC02841 DSC02839© Philippe Corthout

Sister Bean
Vismarkt 26
2800 Mechelen