When in Oslo, you absolutely must visit next hotspots!


For this occasional coffee special, I would like to rely on my favourite one: Lennart Lenssen. Whereas coffee is not always considered to be so beneficial for your health, I can easily say this is my guilty pleasure then. Since we met (both coffee and my love), we have been to several coffee bars in London, Antwerp and Amsterdam. But, as I am not such an expert on the real dark roast, because I enjoy a sip of soy milk in my coffee, I am relying on Lennart to share his experience with all these amazing hot brews. This summer he travelled to Norway. He brought back an amazing bag of coffee beans and I admit that I enjoy smelling the fresh coffee even more then the actual brewed cup. But still, here is a review about what should be the best coffee bar in Norway or “the best coffee ever” according to him.


Tim Wendelboe is definitely considered the best and most famous coffee brewer/bar in Norway. The bar itself is stylish and sterile, whereby the focus clearly is the pure, fresh coffee. The barista is extremely friendly and is pretty much an expert on all kinds of coffee. “I prefer dark roasted coffee, so I decided to taste both types of espresso.” Finca Tamana and Los Pirineos where strong, quite bitter and a little bit fruity. The cliché of Norway being a pricy country is definitely true, but for this cup of coffee it’s definitely worth to pay a little bit more, as it is the perfect drink to keep you warm in the icy landscape.


Apart from serving coffee from the best Norwegian brewers, Kaffa, Solberg & Hansen, Supreme Roastworks and of course Tim Wendelboe, Fugeln has some significant furniture.In an interior of sixties design and modern art, you can enjoy your drink in a warm environment. The atmosphere is relaxed and the music matches perfectly with that. Imagine listening to music from Tallest Man on Earth while enjoying your hot cup of Scandinavian coffee in a place where the incredible design is all for sale. Lennart drank Kaffa El Roble (Bourbon) which is an exclusive seasonable roast that Fugeln was offering. They try to offer your perfect cup of bittersweet according to the season. This one was a strong, without being too bitter. A perfect cup to enjoy your afternoon of studying or blogging in a coffee bar.


Both coffee bars were definitely enjoyable and are certainly worth visiting when you are in Oslo. But when it comes to coffee, the winner takes it all and that is Tim Wendelboe, according to Lennart. On the other hand Fugeln offers a great working atmosphere, especially if the interior is so clean and stylish. Apart from those coffee bars, there are of course other lovely opportunities closer to home, such as Two for Joy in Amsterdam, which will be featured in the next post on SIPS.