Schatje Patatje

Head over heels with this new place in town. In Dutch schatje patatje is a cute little expression for sweety pie. And yeah, this place is all about sweet potato fries.

Sophie Sliepenbeek (21) and  Toon Drexhage (26) are probably the coolest and most adorable couple I’ve met in ages. Both love good healthy food without the crazy stuff. Simply organic and fresh: that’s what they aim for. And one thing’s for sure: the fries made by these guys, are made with love.IMG_9500IMG_9494When living in a house full of girls, Sophie was surrounded by roomies who all loved to eat and look good. Healthy cooking was thus one of the most-loved activities in the mansion.  Meanwhile, Toon was  training for a triathlon and became a flexitarian. A match made in heaven, as good food and active living come in pairs.

What about SchatjePatatje? It’s most definitely my new crush when it comes to hotspots.
The fries are baked in plant based oil and are made from veggies, especially sweet potatoes. Everything is completely organic and I simply had to ask for the truth.
Truth is that these guys cut all the sweetness themselves. Even the  peppers in the red pepper almond sauce are cut and blended in their kitchen. Like, this is homemade 2.0?

These chunks of edible gold are not just healthy, they make your heart melt-y. Never thought going to a snack bar could turn into a culinary dream.
‘Cause yeah, you can even opt for lemon or rosemary salt to come with your veggie fries.

And good news for the vegans out there. They can eat their heart out with red beet hummus and the almond sauce, also very lekker.
IMG_9493If you could pick one sauce on the menu, which would be the most surprising one?
The jalapeño feta one and sheep cheese. Both are yummy alternatives for the classics.

When do you think these fries taste best?
Friday night before the party or Sunday at the hangover brunch?
Definitely Sunday brunch! It’s way cozier and they simply taste  better after a good night out.

Choose 3 hashtags to describe SchatjePatatje.
#organic #lekker #newfriesintown

Which drink suits this crunchy bite the best?
S: The lemon ginger lemonade
T: Ginger beerIMG_9502What I also love about SchatjePatatje is the branding and interior. They were inspired by clean Scandinavian design with a touch of vintage (hooray for flee market treasures). And, there’s a wall full of plants, to keep it natural and vivid. Rustic wooden tables come with handy holes to place your fries in a comfy infrastructure to not get your hands dirty.
Win win situation right here.
IMG_9498The whole concept makes you long for summer festivals. Sophie and Toon could dream of a food truck in the summer but wouldn’t think of letting their fries get delivered, yet. For now, the new romance  can be found in De Pijp, where a homely atmosphere will turn your pit-stop for healthy fries into a cosy dinner or lunch date.

Go get those fries while they’re hot right here:


Ferdinand Bolstraat 48

© Pictures by Angela Donskaia