Inspired by the Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise, I decided to make a healthy, semi raw version of this little Parisian creamy treat. I made a version which is sugar- dairy- and gluten-free. It’s nice to have something for breakfast  or dessert which reminds you of this delicate French pastry, while nourishing yourself with nutrious vitamins from super foods. It’s not raw as in the true definition of the word, but as you don’t need to cook anything, you can consider it as a good step towards a rawsome breakfast.



add hot water to a few table spoons of oats in a plate till they are just covered


if you are allergic to gluten, you can always use cooked amaranth, quinoa or even chia

to make it firmer you should add a mashed banana and perhaps leave out the agave syrup

agave syrup or any other natural sweetener

add to the base, cover with a little plate and let it get firmer for about 5 minutes

raspberry rose 

raspberries + rose water + dried cranberries

mix a handful of raspberries with a teaspoon of rose water and tablespoon of dried cranberries

now you can either choose to have a glossy layer of raspberry rose flavour

or you can mix it up with a tablespoon of soy cream to get the full-on Ladurée pastry touch

-after the oat texture gets firm, take a spoonful (1/2) of the firm oat texture

-put one layer of firm oats on your plate + add the raspberry rose infusion to it + add a spoonful of soy yoghurt

-do that again, so you have 2 layers

-sprinkle some goji berries, agave syrup and cinnamon on top

et voilà, there is your nutrious breakfast or dessert, inspired by a Ladurée pastry minus the sugar and the cream

+oats: heroic health benefits such as lowering blood sugar, high fiber, magnesium, iron and source of omega 3 which helps to keep your cholesterol at a good level

+raspberries: source of minerals like iron and copper, which is necessary for red blood cels and reducing the risk of anemia, full of anti-oxidants

+cranberries: high dose of vitamin c, which helps making your immune system stronger, works as a cleanse and is the magic ingredient for bladder problems

+gojiberries: no food without superfood: goji berries are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C, serve as an anti-oxidant, are packed with iron (more than spinach!), minerals and zinc

+soy (yoghurt): a dose of plant-based protein with a slower rise in blood sugar after the meal. unfortunately there are not many unsweetened soy-yoghurt options, but at least it’s dairy-free and helps to keep your cholesterol low.

+agave syrup: any natural unrefined sweetener is better than refined sugar, but this one even has benefits: the Aztecs used it for its antimicrobial aspect and it even contains fiber. the reason why this is better than sugar is because of the very low glycemic value, which means it’s safer for the rise of your blood sugar.