Ritual Drink

The weather is should not prevent me from making one of my delicious morning smoothies! If I’m cold, I’ll make a lovely cup of ginger spiced tea or some yogi tea. In the world of raw cuisine, tea is not included. But, I listen to my own body and know how to feel best. If you are fully raw, including a tiny bit of cayenne pepper or a spice like cinnamon will help your body to get warm naturally. So there are options for everyone!┬áSo here’s the recipe for a bright pink morning ritual smoothie!


-Bananas (3 to 4)

-Maca powder
(natural energizer!)

-Psyllium powder
(helps digestion and regulates hormones)

-Blueberries and raspberries

– +- 3 Dates for an extra sweetness and crunch

Blend till smooth, drink it up and go fruit yourself!