I made my first batch of raw-some cookies! And seriously, they taste like choc chip cookies, minus the crap.

One little note before I even give the recipe: add enough psyllium! The second time I made them I didn’t add enough and they were really really soft. But, my first batch survived a train ride and a backpack so definitely cookie approval.

Ingredients for 7 cookies

-Bananas (2)

-Carob powder (2tbsp)
(to give it a chocolate hint)

-Psyllium powder (1tbsp)
(helps digestion and regulates hormones)

-Flax seed (3tbsp)

-Dates (4)

-Coconut flakes


-Mash the bananas

-Blend it up with the carob powder, dates, flax seed and psyllium

-Keep mixing till it becomes a dough-ish texture

-Unfortunately, I don’t own a dehydrator yet, but an oven that can dry is well enough!

-So, take a tablespoon of the mixture per ‘cookie’ and spread on an oven plate

-Place in a pre-heated oven on drying mode of 40°C for 40min.

-When ‘baked’, sprinkle some coconut flakes on top and put in the fridge for a few hours, so they get a better texture.

This might seem long for a few cookies, but that’s because you’re not really baking them. Drying them on such a low temperature helps to preserve all the vitamins which they are packed with! Seriously, these cookies are like vitamins, but they taste like choc chip cookies.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles…