Prins de Film

Dive into a moving picture with a Wes Anderson vibe and  a ‘touch of Dutch’ when watching Prins – directed by Sam de Jong and colored with whimsical music from Palmbomen.

You can easily spot a Greek tragedy structure here, making you soak up some dreamy neon colored drama about troubled kids and shattered dreams.

Ayoub, a bit of a baby rebel who mainly spends his days chilling in Amsterdam noord, falls in love with Laura. She’s one of those girls you’d call ‘pretty as a picture’, yet who is too hard to get. The whole surreal lovestory is combined with a touch of edge and melancholia. Add a spark of humour and some classic family tragedy to the film and it turns into a blend of genres and moods. In fact, I still don’t know whether it left me untouched, sad or over the moon.

Keywords to get the film vibe: bubblegum, spliff, pretty faces, sunflower seeds and energy drinks.
A big round of applause for the casting team, choosing the right people for the right attitude. All the colors and picture-perfect shots made this movie look like the wet dream of surrealists and pop-artist. I daresay I can spot the rainbow version of Anton Corbijn here.

Anyway, If you don’t even like the story, you can still gaze at the moving pictures as mere eye-candy. Wanna know if you’ll love it? Go ahead and have a taste of this deadly sweet drama on the street.

Available in Itunes store for the price of one expensive spliff or three packets of sunflowers seeds. It’s up to you. Click here to watch.



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