As promised on Instagram , here is the recipe for an amazing pineapple nice-cream! The weather forecast looks promising, so some plant-based ice-cream should definitely be on your menu! Honestly, I even had homemade nice-creams for breakfast on Christmas morning and cold January afternoons. Just because they are SO good, nutritious and energizing! Here is the recipe for an amazing cup of nice-cream, slightly creamy and slightly bitter, but very very very tropical-weather-proof!


– 1 + 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple chuncks

– about a handful of frozen raspberries

– 1 peach

– 2 ripe bananas

– a dash of coconut / rice milk (1/4 cup)

– a spoonful of chia seeds

– coconut flakes

– a dash (2 tbsp) of lemon/lime juice


– Blend the frozen chunks together with the bananas (+optional peach) till smooth

-Gradually add the coconut milk to make it extra creamy

-Mix with lime juice and chia seeds

-Add some coconut flakes on top (+optional coconut blossom sugar)

Enjoy your Pineapple Paradise!

filled with potassium, protein, natural sugars, vitamine c, iron and detoxing juices from the pineapple