They always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Well, in this case  I think you should. Picknick Rotterdam is not exactly the all romantic scenery you’d expect when hearing the name. You gotta see it to believe it. Blend the edgy vibe of an old high school canteen with some wild plants, mason jars and charcoal remnants and you’ll instantly feel the charm of pure simplicity.

All organic, basic and therefore fantastic: that’s Picknick in sum. And what’s in a name? Well, in my memories picknicks are awesome for the reason that everybody gets to pick their favorite spread and dip from the magic carpet full of wonders. (can’t wait for spring already!)
This place is exactly that. Whether you are a vain veggie, Dutch cuisine foodie or lover of Snicker cake, they’ve got all your wishes covered on the menu.

To be honest, in this case my senses are more appealed by the interior worthy of a cool modern boho Pinterest page. Just have a look at how Kimberley Dhollander managed to capture the industrial vibe in just a few shots again. Simple and sweet like a strawberry parfait. (and perfect, of course).

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Picknick Rotterdam
Mariniersweg 259

3011 Rotterdam
© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander