Book review – On Top

Anna Nooshin once landed her own business. which quickly resulted in a fairytale-like career. This young leader lady has travelled the world without forgetting where she came from. In On Top, Anna guides you through her life and explains how she climbed the stairway to heaven – and didn’t just launch her dream life like a rocket.

On Top is a very pleasant and easy-to-read book which immediately sweeps you away into the short biography of mrs. Nooshin herself. The subtitle is “Your guide for online success”, yet being a critical reader, I would rather call it a guide to find the best version of you, which is simply: you.

Anna’s life story is beautiful, filled to the brim with witty jokes and overall inspiring. It does not necessarily give you all the information beyond SEO shizzle or how to get in touch with press and making money out of your blog. That would be so technical. This story is quite the opposite: truly personal and energising. I assume that acknowledging your own past and present, like Anna does, will eventually bring you your future success – online as well as offline.

So thank you Anna and WPG Uitgevers for this charming & inspirational book. Everyone with dreams, from short-term aims to CEO aspirations: get your hands on this book and learn how being you, with some tips and tricks from Anna, will make you live the dream.

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