If it wasn’t for social media and the magic of the internet advertisements, I probably wouldn’t remember Valentine’s Day. Because if this is the day you should make your lover feel more special, then I am celebrating it every single day of the year. But still, every little festivity asks for a little special treat. However, this one is SO very good and even beneficial for you, that you could make a big jar and spread the love on all of your breakfasts or snacks, every single time you crave Nutella, the very sweet but creepy monster that is no good for anyone, at all, ever. Of course, it’s sweet and it’s fatty, so surely you’ll never get enough. But, why restricting on crap when you can have a spoonful of healthy delight, which tastes even yummier and crunchier? I am not trying to make this look like a bad advertisement for the brand (well..), but there seriously is nothing good about it. I used to secretly love a spoon when I was at someone’s house who has it, but now I can have a few spoons and feel great about it!

So here is the recipe for all you sweethearts, a super duper healthy version of the palm oil and sugar monster of a Nutella jar.


– 2/3 tbsp carob or 100% pure cocoa powder

-1 1/2 tbsp hazelnut or coconut oil

-150/200 gr of hazelnuts

-1 tbsp of coconut sugar


-Soak the hazelnuts in water for an hour

-Mix them up till they become a nutty pasture

-Add a dash of water

-Add the carob powder + coconut oil + coconut sugar

-Mix everything up again till the nutty paste becomes more creamy

-If you notice it is still pretty nutty, add another dash of water or almond milk

-Same goes for sweetness. You can’t go wrong with coconut sugar, as it is a natural fruit sugar and the glycemic index is ridiculously low. You can’t even compare it to agave, maple or any other syrup. This sugar is safe as hell.

-Keep mixing and you will notice that slowly but surely a gentle nutty, chocky and sweet creamy mass appears in your blender or mixer.

-Store in your favorite jar and put in the fridge

-Get it out after an hour and you’ll have the perfect saturated fat free, refined sugar free and vitamin packed nutella

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