Ever gone crazy over those baby pink milkshakes in American films? You know the kind which they drink in those diners? Well, milk ain’t really good, but here is a yummy version of this high school movie beverage with some coconut milk. You can easily swap that with almond or rice milk of course. But, this is probably the most creamy version you can get. Cheers cherry pies!

Bananas (2)
Frozen raspberries (1 cup)
Water or coconut milk  (0,250l)

If you want a #nanaicecream version, just add less water and coconut milk!

Cranberries (a few)
Coconut powder
Lime (1/2)

Pour the water or coconut milk in your blend cup
Add bananas
Add the frozen berries so they can soak a tiny bit

Add the vanilla
Top with juice of one squeezed lime
Finish with frozen cranberries and coconut powder on top