Ever since I started my journey to health and happiness, I’ve discovered and met so many like-minded people and bloggers. It works so inspiring when people feel exactly the same about many things in life, especially when it comes to such important aspects like nutrition and self-love.


One of the biggest inspirations for me to start a life as vegan as possible – I must admit that I sometimes don’t bother asking the organic bakery whether the cookie they served with my tea is vegan or not – were the green vegan girls from the Netherlands, Merel and Jamie, also known as ‘De Groene Meisjes‘.


Their lives are very busy, social and colourful. And so are their plates: filled with yummie greens, vegan bakes, the most amazing salads and a rainbow of fruit and veg. It is wonderful to see how they make it so realistic to maintain a happy vegan and eco-friendly life in a big city like Amsterdam, while working and blogging at the same time.


When I have a bowl of super foods, I’ll probably be able to give a very scientific explanation why it’s good for me. And 80% of the time when eating out, I am asked to explain. But why would I? Nobody needs to justify what, why and how much they eat. Every choice is a good one, because someone made it. That’s why I think Jamie and Merel are so very inspiring. They explain why they are vegan, but they stick to it and believe in it. You can truly see their heart for health and happiness throughout their posts.


As long as it is yummie, good for mind, body and soul, why would you need to explain yourself with rationality and facts? That is why I ADORE De Groene Meisjes. Sometimes they try out a few weeks of Raw Till 4 and sometimes they share the most delicious vegan fastfood snack: corn crisps with guacamole and vegan cheese. The key of their lifestyle is that it is SO very realistic and fun to look up to and feel comfortable. After all, it’s all about inspiration, not obligation.


As long as it is yummie, good for mind, body and soul, why would you need to explain yourself with rationality, facts, fashion and standards? That is why I ADORE De Groene Meisjes.  They simply show you how to make your plates sweet and colorful and are doing it in a convincing and eco-friendly way! Not to forget: they’ve got a few amazing hotspot articles, so that you can go vegan everywhere. AND they share their lovely literature for a green lifestyle, give away loads of goodies and share the best tips and tricks!

Green love for De Groene Meisjes!
Pictures from their rainbow coloured vintage drizzled Instagram accounts: Merel + Jamie