Raw food in London

Amidst the couture, chips, cocktails, coaches and colorful art scene, Camden Town has a truly clean café: Inspiral. This raw food hot spot, eco cafe and lounge bar offers delights for new raw lovers and true fanatics. I wished I was so hungry I could have taken a piece of every raw pie, but instead I chose for a slice of nutty raw vegan pizza. Oh Lord, this is not an advertorial, but I may say that this was h-e-a-v-e-n!



This cute little green cafe was already seducing me with it’s abundance of green juices and piles of kale chips and raw buckwheat crackers. And then it took me about 10 minutes to drool over the menu and finally decide what to take. This is not your average juice, salad or raw truffle bar. Those things are like basics over here. This is r-awesomeness to the next level! Oh I truly enjoyed a little lunchbreak with a view on the river: perfect setting, lovely staff and delicious menu!



Plant Paradise

Usually it’s quite easy for vegans to make up their minds when going out on dinner dates. Choosing the things that are meat, fish and dairy free is usually not a big deal. But, deciding from this menu is quite a difference. How in the world do I know if  I had to take the raw onion tartlet with cashew cheese or the vanilla buckwheat chia crêpes? And a sunfoodburger or a gluten free muffin with a juice?

Oh well I just chose something which would really require a dehydrator, which I am still dreaming of. So,I tried out their Raw Gourmet Pizza, with a nutty  flax seed base, cashew cheese with herbs, tomato topping, olives and deliciously spiced salad. My English friends would definitely would say this is more-ish! Although this slice of goodness is packed with so many nutrients and the nutty base fills you so well, that you’ll actually be satisfied!


Sweet Tooth

As I had already tried out carob raisins from Holland and Barnet I luckily didn’t have to face another dilemma on the menu. But, let me tell you that all the sweet little raw pies and truffles Inspiral offers, are made from natural sugars with an extremely low glycemic index. And I’m not even going to start describing all the different raw tarts they have, but let me tll you they are organic, vegan ,gluten-free, 100% natural and cholesterol-free! Yeah indeed, just the way I like it.


So when you think veganism or raw-foodism is boring, uninspiring or unhealthy. Read about it (not the fashion magazines, but the real stuff) and taste it. Believe me, you’ll never want to go back! 

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