When your wallet doesn’t allow you to go to Italy, but you still wanna enjoy a hot plate of fingerlicking good melanzane parmigiana, there’s always one quick and tasty solution:  Libertine Cafe Cafe. Amidst the most millenial-friendly designer boutiques and the romance-drenched canals of Amsterdam, you’ll find this flirty marble paradise.

Libertine Cafe Cafe is the ultimate go-to spot if you feel like sharing culy Italy-inspired dishes with a very modern hint. Even if you don’t like sharing food just like Joey, this place will make you wanna with all your love. Also, you’ll get mega FOMO when you see your date of the night getting all orgasmic over the mushroom risotto you didn’t order. It really is amazing, just like their asparagus and matching wines. Si, this reallyyy is a place to put in your phone notes when wandering in the centre of Amsterdam   

About the interior: literally everything you eat will become an absolute delicatesse, as the cute plates of hot stuff will be served on marble tables. The benches remind of Parisian terrases and the dark walls create the ultimate nighttime atmosphere, even when it’s broad daylight. So basically, Libertine Cafe Cafe is a great place for food: Whether you’re in for a long night or for a quicky, they’ve got it all.


Libertine Cafe Cafe
Wolvenstraat 22