Kolonel Koffie


Discovering new loves can be a though one, once you’re head-over-heels with quite a list of hotspots already. Slight exceptions can be made of course. The moment I first stepped into Kolonel Koffie I was like a hurricane. The silent white, creamy and edgy space caught me and I just couldn’t stop wandering around looking at the tidy perfection and saying “it’s so beautiful here!”.

The owners told me they often get asked why the heck it’s so white in there. They don’t have an answer for that, as this is just the way they like it. I definitely agree with them upon that: their simplicity is the best. In sum: their place looks like a soft dreamy loft where you could spend all day long(with a massive terrace in front of the entrance).

The way they serve their filter coffee and flat whites is also one which makes me rank them on top of my ‘most-loved’ list. Antwerp has several coffee options, but not everybody knows how to make coffee. Kolonel Koffie is definitely a place where you can breathe in an atmosphere that is calm yet bubbly at the same time.  And, most important, where coffee is actual coffee which makes you go mmm after your first sip.

Kolonel Koffie
Montignystraat 51
2018 Antwerpen

 © All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander





And this is how the coffee looks like (picture from the NORTH MAG Instagram page)