Kimberley Dhollander

Meet NORTH MAG’s very first photographer in the team: Kimberley Dhollander.

As a child Kimberley loved playing outside with her cousins,  preferably swimming in the pond. All very innocent and sweet, till she fell in love with Yoshi from Nintendo. She combined her love for videogames with sweet details and expressed it in her outfits. I met her on one of Antwerp’s sweetest underground parties back then. Kimmy – that’s how her friends call her- kept making it to the pictures with her inspiring looks. Now, she is the one taking them. And I can tell you, they are ephemeral and glazed with a sweet view on life.


She loves Sunday cake, strolling around the city with the love and daydreams. One of those dreams is to photograph Explosions In The Sky one day, her favourite band of all time. “I think their vision reflects my way of photography: trying to make big compositions with as little as possible”


Who are photographers and filmmakers which inspire you for your images?
First of all I really like Jessica Backhaus’ work. I love how she makes interesting images of ordinary objects and places. The way she uses light and color attracted me immensely. 

Another photographer that inspires me is Franck Bohbot, especially his street photography. It’s really detailled and almost surreal. There is a certain loneliness in his work that I like. Another photographer that you need to check out is Josef Hoflehner.


How did you take the step to focus more on photography? It seems like a hidden talent you’ve kept with you all the time but you managed to explore that talent right in time!
A couple of years ago I went to Paris. I borrowed a camera from a friend of mine and shot some pictures. Between all the photographs I took, there was an image of an old man. I was amazed by how much control I had over the atmosphere of an image and the way I could picture people. It really struck me. It gave me a certain satisfaction that I did not know before. After that trip I began to photograph more and more.


How do you like your coffee?
A latte with lots of milk and whipped cream. And a cookie of course!

Do you have something you always do during/after photographing?
Nothing special really, I drink tea and eat (too much) chocolate during post-production.


How does your perfect Sunday look like?
My perfect Sunday starts with a bit of Beach House or Wild Nothing. Two bands I adore. Perfect sounds to start any day actually.

I do love having a big breakfast with my boyfriend. Being lazy, going to the market and buying some flowers or just hang with my friends in Antwerp and drink a coffee or two is my favourite thing to do.


If someone told you you had to put an instagram filter on all your internet uploaded pictures, which one would it be?
I don’t like instagram filters on my photo’s. But if I have to choose one it would be „Valencia”.

Who are your role models?
Wes Anderson. I love the way he creates stories and his imagery is so well thought. His use of color, composition etc is so inspiring. That’s the most important one that pops my mind.

Keep an eye on the website for Kimberley’s first photography series here. So keep watching her works works here and there: