Greek mythology has always been intriguing and is way too undervalued nowadays. What could be more ethically orgasmic than a collective belief in multiple Gods, spell-cast and ritual-induced ideologies where the golden aim is the ecstasy of life? Ariadne’s thread was the saviour to escape from a labyrinth and simply refers to light at the end of the tunnel. Ariadne was also married to Dionysus – god of passion, wine and the untamed.

As a whole, this whole piece of crispy mythology perfectly suits this obscure, synth-filled track by Kedr Livanskiy. This Russian devotchka brilliantly manages to encompass the melancholy which typifies the land of the mystery, borsch, bitter winters, tears in a glass, Tarkovsky and a hell of a history.

Kedr’s album is filled with a dreamy red thread running through all the songs. It feels kinda healing to drown in this musical bath of synthpop. The darker electronic notes fill in the blanks in your head whilst hinting at a sort of metal-coloured nostalgia.

The Sovjet darkness from Kedr also points at something krautrock-y and reminds of Desiree’s Under Your Spell. The incommensurability of something anxious and an almost erotic sharpness simply lead to a catharsis through music.

In Russian we say “Страшная и красивая”, which means “scary beautiful”. There’s no better way to describe this hella stunning track. Absorb the mythos right below.


© Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander.