This song is a special one. I would’t expect you to love it, but take your time to try at least.

Future Islands’ Sam Herring and BADBADNOTGOOD worked together on a song called Time Moves Slow. With this fruitful collab, the band has just announced their new album IV. The minimalism of Sam’s voice and instruments make a product come alive which is so soulful, so priceless. I reckon it’s worth at least this shoutout.

The sound is quite pure and a bit crunchy, reminiscent of  festival evenings where you get challenged by either sleep, a potential romance or another beer to channel your inner Narcissus. You know these moments, when you’re all together but everyone is drifting on their own cloud. A space where magic is shared in silence, that vibe.

Time Moves Slow is a flow on a bluesy stream-of-consciousness. Sam Herring  is known for his stunning music and dead impressive voice. When he sings, he seems to inhale and exhale every possible emotion linked to melancholy and love.  You can nearly smell the sea of feelings right here or here.

This piece of beauty is just another way to highlight his skill of portraying love and it’s weakness to the core. And most important, to take you on a journey in order to find yours.