HEARTBEATS – Sordid Affair

In my quest for summer running tunes, I stumbled upon this ‘Departure from Ibiza’ playlist by Apple music. It was there that I found this brilliant beat by Röyksopp.

The track is not new, yet this remix by Maceo Plex is definitely one you should add to your work-out playlist. That is in case you love a chill and up-tempo electronic tune to push you a bit further during your run. I find it distracting when thoughts and ideas come crawling in as soon as I have found my pace. ‘Cause when the thought bubble bursts, I am fully aware of the distance and time yet to run. That’s why music is the magic to keep me going longer (and banana’s of course, that’s the second tip).

This remix is definitely worth running to. Even when the rain surprises you while you’re on track, this tune will surely add sparkle and speed to your mini race.

© Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander