HEARTBEATS – Soldier’s Heart

Soldier’s Heart won Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting in 2013. Basically, it’s the crème de la crème of  talent hunts in Belgium and this amazing radio broadcaster is the cherrypicker. Shortly after this,  they released an EP and even played with Vuurwerk at the you-will-never-get-on-the-guestlist-club Silencio, à Paris. In a short but sweet time span, Kreusch and her band have won many souls for their deep, sensual and dreamy music.

Sylvie looks like she has just stepped out of a David Lynch film. How could this not be your first impression?
This song is suspiciously sexy. It seduced me into replaying it twice. And a few more times. Like something you find really intriguing at first and then keep trying till you love the taste of it. Like sipping wine when you are sixteen. As if you really loved Merlot back then.

This song is slow and intense, seducing you in every sense.  At first I was impatient and waited for it to pick me up and dance me up in the air.  Like wanting to get over a heartbreak and fast-forwarding time like a Youtube video. Well, just realized you gotta let it sink in and enjoy it while time passes by. And now, I love it. 

Surreal is the only way I can properly describe this idea of a love song. And in a way, it’s more real than others. No cheesiness at all, thank god.
TBH, Titanic was pretty awesome in it’s depiction of real love. It happens. it’s fun and it’s dramatic, but Jack will not come back as soon as the boat sinks.

That’s what I admire about Soldier’s Heart. It’s nothing like that. It’s a pure and also paradoxically dramatic admiration of being young, mysterious and free. This song is exactly what pinpoints the ideal of a filmic youth, totally according to Freud’s theories.

Soldier’s Hear refers to the Da Costa’s syndrome, which is anxiety pur sang.
Well, I have to admit: Soldier’s Heart, I’m afraid you’ve got me hooked.

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