HEARTBEATS – Last one of 2015

Whether you love champagne, prosecco or non-alcoholic bubbles; it’s almost time to pop the bottle (although, every new day is good excuse to celebrate). I just looked back at some sparkly moments from 2015 and realised: having a great time is not rocket science. Always seize the moment and be ready for the unexpected. Good times will come your way. And also, it’s no use crying over spilled milk. Never.

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Another tip “Never let the fear of loosing the game keep you from playing it.” ( A Cinderella Story, 2014 wisdom right here). For my last and favourite course ever, I enrolled in a contemporary art class where I didn’t academically belong.  What happened is that I accidentally met a best friend forever right there. We bonded over our mutual love for unicorns, cats, rock musicians and simply not giving a tiny bit about how wild we dance (or how fast we can drink one Paradiso beer).
I could easily dedicate a whole blogpost, web page and URL link to our adventures, but I’ll just stick to the soundtrack that somehow reminds me of the mint nights out.

Zeezout festival –  Somewhere in the woods near a lake. The sun was shining bright and the air was still summery light. Meanwhile our shoes were getting muddy and the rain was pouring like champagne. Now what’s a girl to do? Whether this is an allusion to life in general or the festival, the answer is always: dance your heart out.

Bicep  was playing Fatima Yamaha‘s Whats a Girl to Do and it turned into the tune that coloured all seasons with filmic memories, no matter what the weather was like.

When you hear this tune at the end of a party, it makes you feel like I never wanna leave this place. It  will glue you to the dance floor; whether it’s the muddy festival site or the sticky surface in a club. The soft and never-ending climax will make you fall in love with the night. Till the point the cleaners will sweep you away from the club, together with all the empty plastic cups.

This review is actually just a little note and sparkly tune to end the year with: the glass is always half full and never empty.

Cheers ♡

© Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander