HEARTBEATS – Young Marco

Some people are skilled at making magic. This is one of them. He makes you feel like Dionysus is taking over the turn tables, like a shepherd for midnight thrills.

Young Marco‘s gigs make dancing feel like a lucid dream. The tropical vibe literally makes you drift all across the room or muddy festival site. The edgy music is heavenly good and brings you to higher places in a subtle way. Synthesizers slowly push into an exotic atmosphere where the night seems endless.

In a slightly psychedelic and dreamy course, together with an eclectic mixture of  jungle vibes and trumpets, the ear-catching tunes will make your daytime drifting and nighttime reverie absolutely phenomenal. Add a bit of cigarette smoke to that for the dusty effect and that’s in a nutshell what Young Marco can do to you.

Here’s some euphoria with a sparkle of rain and a proper electric feel.

Golden tip My favorite friend in the world Alice Wilde shared Young Marco’s most beautiful track with me. Moving Fast (Very Slowly) from the High Tide record. Find it on my favorite online disco called Apple Music or here.

© Featured image by the stunning Kimberley Dhollander