☽ Blood Orange – The music can be described as agonizing nostalgia with a bit of eighties roughness and dirty dancing. This song definitely reminds me of my other favourite from Prince “I would die for you” and surely keeps spinning in my head all weekend. It’s the perfect chill song for a wild child high on life. The videoclip is directed by Gia Coppola and feels like a dreamy oldskool MTV videoclip where cupid is breaking hearts with music. The paradox is that this creamy song makes me wanna dance in the living room like teenage popstar.


✔️ Intro – The Pursuit of Freedom
Hello dear reader.As you can see it’s been a pretty long time ago since I wrote something here. There’s a million reasons why, but only one that really counts. I just didn’t do it

I have a soft spot for perfection. Back in the days it haunted me like crazy. So,this year I’m loosening the ties. And, when it comes to writing there’s always this oneliner in my head singing: it’s never good enough. That’s when I drop out from my writer’s mode and close my macbook, as soon as I strive for perfetion.
Just like on Instagram, I’m gonna let go of magnificent filters and show life and stories as they really are. With an obligatory amount of glitter of course ;).

© Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander