A new classic in the cuisine of a modern health lover and a basic for everyone who loves to feel great and energetic! Here is my version of the very popular morning drink. Luckily this is a good trend. You can have this as a healthy side with a banana or two. But if you want to make it your full breakfast smoothie, make sure you add enough bananas, otherwise you’ll definitely get hungry and undercarbed. No, half a banana and one kiwi do not make a valid breakfast. If you want to get skinny, go get fit and toned and work-out by lovely runs and  walks near the water. But most important: eat enough. So feed yourself, but do it good and you’ll never have to worry about a lack of energy or excessive fat!

Life is a gift, so cherish it and do not abuse it or refuse it!

-3 Bananas

-Cup of spinach

-Maca powder

-3 Kiwis

-Dash of rice milk

-1 Green apple

Blend till smooth and enjoy your delicious morning vitamin boost! To add some extra goodness from mother nature, sprinkle some chia or hemp seeds on top!

This drink contains a healthy dose of protein, potassium, loads of iron, good natural sugar, vitamin c and a happy feeling!

Green greatfulness!