The Amsterdam Diary – 2. Grapefruit

Hooray, time for part two – and I’m actually super happy for sticking to a blog plan for the first time. Okay, this is only part two, but this online novel  plan should keep me excited forever. Also, the beautifully written poems by Yoko Ono in her tiny bundle called ‘Grapefruit’ inspired me to write more from now on.

First of all, I came to realise that the search for happiness Amsterdam can be compared to a grape fruit. It’s just as sweet and sour over here. And the truth is, you need to get through the rough parts, to get to the sweetness of it.

So that’s what I did: finish to-do lists quickly and erase as many “can-this-day-be-over-please” feelings. Turned out, I enjoyed this week 7/7 by simply accepting things that happen and knowing I can change whatever I don’t like. And if something bitter will pop-up, just bite through it. Before you know, you’ll sip from the sugar called happiness.

Besides that, I decided to create mini happy feelings by doing things I like and love. A coffee festival, a day trip to Utrecht and exciting school projects happened this week and I loved it all.


Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 17.11.11
My mini trip to Utrecht was certainly one of my sunny highlights this week. After a morning swim I travelled to this cosy petite city with a village atmosphere.
I walked around with a dreamy, care fee mind and enjoyed an egg-celent lunch at Gys -an organic lunch bar. Eggs? Yes, I’ll save this part-time vegan talk for later. Of course, I wouldn’t travel homewards before  cooling down with one of the best soy lattes I had in ages. Credits to The Village Coffee & Music in Utrecht. In sum: cute and cosiness factor is very high, yet I wouldn’t want to live here (I’d miss Scandinavian Embassy!).

Yay, the interview with inspiring Paulien Riemis finally went online! It was the first interview I did in collaboration with photographer Kimberley Dhollander, while not being there at the same time. The talk took place in Amsterdam, whereas Kimberley did a photoshoot with Paulien in Antwerp. This talk is completely unfiltered and truly inspiring. Read all about it here. You’ll see that Paulien is not just a fashion blogger, but a real hard worker and down-to-earth girl with a cool attitude. We like!

・Homesick for Antwerp in Caffènation
Me and my friends decided to skip the national holiday and went for an afternoon coffee session, accompanied by our laptops. The anti-procrastination paradise was Caffènation, the coffee bar which was originally launched in Antwerp. When hearing the accent from the barista and owner, I instantly got nostalgic. After all, I have spent so many hours in that place back when I was in Antwerp! Definitely coming back here. For a few hours, I felt like I was home again.

・Rollende keukens & Amsterdam Coffee Festival
Okay, the first food truck festival I attended looked and smelled amazing, yet it was way too crowded. I ended up strolling through the park with my buddy from
Instead of indulging on the culy trucks, we bought fries and went to her beautiful apartment to watch a TV-show about the workings of the human brain, haha. At least we combined self-education with some good girl talk and personality tests. Win win situation.Amsterdam Coffee Festival update will follow.

 © Featured image by Kimberley Dhollander