FOSFOR: the enlightenment of word and image
Phosforus is the mineral that carries light. Minerals are essential and so are poetry and paint. FOSFOR, the exhibition, is a dialogue between words and illustrations. You can’t have an image without a narrative, neither can you have a story without a visibility in the mind.

Angela Donskaia (22 y/o, BE) studies Theatre and Film at the University of Antwerp. Her poetry is abstract and fragmented, yet she tries to use words that make up a story as tangible as possible in one’s mind. She wants to make you see the scene, presented in the poem, but in your own mind. Your mind is the screen.

Elisabeth Roggeman (22 y/o, BE) studies Illustration at Sint-Lucas, Gent. With her work she offers the counterpart of the poetry. Where poetry lacks concrete images, she brings stories by illustrating with primary colors and beautiful, almost washed out, brush strokes. A beautiful melancholy hangs upon the drawings and perfectly compensates the abstract words.

Together they show that one medium needs the other, in order to bring light.

Friday the 6th of December


Kavka jongerencentrum

Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerp