For this little ‘creamy’ tart you don’t need to have an oven. A blender, a fridge and a list of ingredients is all you need. It is quite easy to bake a cake that everybody likes. As long as you follow a proper recipe or just add enough sugar and butter, people will always love it. However, making a dessert that is super good for you, eye-pleasing, has a great texture and is even beneficial, is something worth experimenting with! I showed my first raw pralines already, but now I have a bigger bite for you. A raw, fluffy, pink raspberry tart.

Ingredients (makes 1 proper tart) feeds 2 people when looking at size, feeds 1 when tasting

-a cup of frozen raspberries

-1 square of a regular tofu block


-coconut blossom sugar

-a dash of almond milk

psyllium husk: full of fibre and a magic natural medicine for people with IBS. it simply helps balance your digestive system and the stress related to it

-1/3 cup of mashed dates / mulberries or simple raisins

-1 tbsp of nut butter of choice (peanut or cashew both work fine)

-1 tbsp of sesame seeds

-1/2 tbsp of sunflower seeds (not necessary, but makes it more crunchy, you can choose any type of seed really)


-mix the raspberries together with the tofu till it becomes a fluffy pasture

-add a dash of almond milk and mix again to create an extra creamy fluff

-mix coconut sugar and psyllium husk for sweetness and binding

-put in the fridge while making the crunch

*make sure you make it fluffy but firm enough, so it doesn’t melt from the borders of your tart

-for the crunch you simply need to mix the ingredients mentioned above

-it should become a sticky, but crunchy pasture, so play around with the amounts of seed and nut butter for your desired ‘crunch’

-spread the crunch over a little plate, it should stick together and is usually a little bit hard to spread out

-add the fluffy pasture you had put in the fridge

-sprinkle some desiccated coconut, coconut or almond flakes on top