Baby blue tiles and big windows through which you can see a dreamer interior: “enter immediately” is what we thought when we spotted this petit rêve.

The hidden gem we’re talking about is called Copper and is a place-to-be for a cool hangout without the classic bubbly and busy coffee house vibe. The reason why this place is not over-the-top coolio, but rather authentic, is definitely because of the interior. The vintage look is topped off with copper details and design furniture, whereas the white floor tiles give it a very clean effect.

Whether you fancy a good lunch, breakfast or hangover meal; they’ve got an excellent menu with homemade sandwiches and salads, good coffee, pastries and whatever you like to satisfy your hungry soul. It’s all healthy and good so that you can get the maximum out of your mini trip to retro Paris paradise.

Also, the atmosphere is super relaxed and for those who love to bring their laptops on a date: there are plugs in every bench and WiFi comes for free with your coffee.

Any more reasons to plan a date at Copper? Well, this place is simply golden.

Belegstraat 80
2000 Antwerpen

All pictures by Philippe Corthout (Kimberley Dhollander’s ♡)


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