Café DS

Café DS is one of the hidden gems on the outskirts of Amsterdam west. Located in an old school building, this place reminds of a mix between grungy Berlin with a proper amount of stardust, an afterglow and art gallery vibe. You’ll know what I mean once you step into this stunning space with finger-licking good drinks and food.

What’s so lovable about it?
-Absolutely the best avocado on toast (for a fairly good price)
-Their coffee making skills (from plain black to almond flat whites)
-Indescribable calm, inspiring vibe
-Ideal for a Monday morning laptop session (yes, there’s WiFi)
-Even more cosy for a Sunday brunch with your party friends
-Pastel coloured everything
-Friendliest staff ever
-The slightly mythical feeling

DSC08934 copySo, what else is there?
Café DS is located in the same building as Restaurant DS, the Subbacultcha and We Are Public offices. There’s also a beautiful garden, gallery, gym and even a classroom. Definitely a 24/7 place.

Yet, the cherry on the pie is definitely De School itself. About a year after the final fêtes at Trouw, this was regarded as a proper sequel to epic post midnight party stories. Good to know is that they actually managed to put up the entire Trouw sound system. Dionysus seems to be living here. And if you check out the monthly line-up, you’ll see why exactly this should become your new home for the weekend.

This series of beautiful pictures is captured by, who else, Kimberley Dhollander. With her ultra fresh photography and eye for detail I couldn’t dream of a better way to see the bittersweet beauty of Café DS’ interior on picture. Here you go babycakes.

DSC08924 DSC08927 DSC08928 DSC08933
Café DS
Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam

© All pictures by Kimberley Dhollander