An improvised plant based baked goodie with a lovely smooth texture. No refined sugar, saturated fat, gluten or dairy.

Buckwheat flour (1 cup)

+no gluten, no grain, but high in protein, fiber, lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar

Banana (2 ripe ones)

+cardiovascular protection from potassium and fiber

Coconut rice milk (2/3 cup)

+antimicrobial, plant-based, gluten-free, protein

Flax seeds (2 table spoons)

+omega-3 fat, fiber and anti-oxidants which help to balance the female hormones

Sunflower seeds (1 table spoon)

+vitamin E, magnesium and selenium.

Pumpkin seeds (1 + 1/2 table spoons)

+magnesium, zinc, omega-3 fats

Agave syrup (a dash of syrup)

+ antimicrobial, fiber, low glycemic value

Hazelnut oil (1 + 1/2 tea spoon)

+vitamin E (good for the anemic), vitamin B1, B2

-Mash the bananas

-Add buckwheat flour + milk

-Mix it + add all the seeds

-Add agave syrup + hazelnut oil (not even necessary)

-Spread it over an average baking sheet (+- 1cm high layer of “dough”)

-Bake in a pre-heated oven of 50° for 20 min. or 200° for 10 min. approx. (depends on tickness of “dough”)

-Cool for 5 min. and enjoy!

+++tip: tamari roasted nuts + apple sauce on the side are a splendid combo of sweet and salty+++