BLOG – The Sweet

Hi dear reader. It’s been a while since I posted something here. To be honest, it feels like undressing en plein publique, everytime I post something slightly personal online.

Truth is, I’ve put NORTH MAG on hold for a while. Life has been a beautiful rollercoaster, yet  I’m glad to have my both feet on the ground. And stay tuned, because I’m cooking up a lot of cool ideas with some friends right now! So really looking forward to realise them.

For now, I just wanted to share my all-time favourite quote, from one of my most favourite movies: Vanilla Sky. The satisfaction of always analysing the movie again just keeps me going in watching it all over again. And one sentence has basically changed my perspective on life:

Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet

It seems logical, yet I tend to forget this basic truth with a big spark of optimism. It’s so easy to regret, to be angry with the rain, to feel like karma hit you in the face on days that things don’t go as smooth as ice. Yet, they are actually the reason why your most lit days and nights are so incredibly beautiful.

You know when rainbows appear, right? It’s not unicorn science. You need both rain and sunshine to get the magic. I’m also not trying to be the love-peace-and-happiness advocate, but to be honest; it is really simple 🙂

Embrace the slippery rainy roads too and they will definitely lead you to a bright horizon.


© Featured image by Maurice Vanes