Amel Herzi

This young soul loves photographing the beauties of mother earth, from nature to beautiful girls. I got triggered to ask this photographer about what beauty means to her and how beautiful the life and mind of a photographer is. Along with the interview, you will see pictures from her latest shoot with model Inanna DeCozen.

Amel Herzi (26), was born and raised in Amsterdam, the city of love for every entrepreneur and ambitious dreamer. She has studied Arts, Culture and Amusement and is now taking all her interests to the next level, being a freelance photographer.IMG_2243-4kleinerTo which point do you have an input in the stylish/fashion aspect of your photographs?
I have 100% input in all the aspects of my photography. I know what I want my pictures to look like and where I want to shoot. But still, I give the people I work with full freedom in their skills and expression. If something looks good I usually agree.

What do you look for to perfect a picture?
I’m a big fan of dark and shadowy pictures.  I also love back light. Back light from sunshine or a studio lamp results in seeing tiny details like small hairs and things like that. I love that. IMG_2304kleinerHow much do you get inspired by other art forms such as film and fine arts?
To be honest, I don’t. I mostly get inspired by music and nature.

What is your favourite location to shoot?
I love shooting outdoors. It gives me freedom to move and run around a lot. I like forrests and big open fields.IMG_2340-2kleinerWhich country would you like to go shooting?
I would love to go to Iceland. Nature there is beautiful with glaciers and beautiful waterfalls in summer. The U.S is also very high on my list. I would like to shoot in one of those crappy motels. You know what I mean? A real life movie.

What is your preferred goal as a photographer? 
I have two different interests in photography. The first one is to be featured in a National Geographic Magazine. Like I said; I love nature a lot and I’d love to shoot wildlife all over the world as well.

Second one is to have my picture hanging in a World Press contest. I don’t even have to win. Just being a part of that contest is good enough for me.IMG_2406kleinerHow would you describe ‘beauty’ ,  what does this mean to you?
What I find beautiful might be ugly to someone else. Therefore I don’t really know, It’s there,  but I don’t think about it too much. Does that sound weird? I’m all about weird.

Check out more pictures from Amel Herzi on her Flickr page.

Model: Inanna Decozen
Styling: Susanne Meinster
MUAH: Fernanda Smits